“I’ve been troubled by melasma..”

Pigmentation Removal Treatments: A Guide by Dr. David Ng C H
Jun 7, 2023

 A Note to Readers: Dr. David Ng C. H. is proud to be the original author of this article, which was first published on 12th May 2018. Content is distilled from more than 15 years of his clinical experience in pigmentation treatments in Singapore. This current article is an updated version by Dr David Ng […]

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Freckles Removal Treatment by Laser – A Patient’s Experience in Singapore
Jun 5, 2023

As a skincare doctor, it’s heartening to see my patients take a keen interest in their skin improvement journey. Recently, I had a patient Mr SJ, a 29 years old male, who is willing to share his laser freckles removal treatment experience at my clinic.
In this article...

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Laser for Pigmentation Singapore – Why isn’t there any improvement?
Apr 12, 2023

“Doctor, how come my skin didn’t improve after doing lasers for pigmentation in Singapore? Does laser pigmentation removal really work?” In my years of skin and aesthetics practice, I’ve met lots of patients who asked me this question. The answer is simple...

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Don’t be tricked by these 8 common myths on pigmentation treatments
Mar 7, 2023

Over the course of so many years treating pigmentations, I’m surprised to find that common myths and misconceptions are STILL circulating around even till today. Many patients frequently come to me with these questions: “Doc, I have tried all sorts of...

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How do you determine if your pigmentation treatments are effective for you?
Mar 20, 2020

Is it really time to treat your facial pigmentations with the “latest laser technology”, which can cost as much as $4000-$5000? I was called up to consult a lady patient in her 40’s, suffering badly from severe facial pigmentations. After reading my...

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How to Remove Pigmentations From Face Permanently
Mar 9, 2020

Contrary to what many people think, freckles, melasma and dark spots don’t usually resolve by themselves. In fact, in about 90% of the cases, treatment is necessary to remove pigmentations from the face permanently. If you are sick and tired of that uneven skin tone and are desperately looking for a way to remove your […]

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Published Jun 7, 2023

Pigmentation Removal Treatments: A Guide by Dr. David Ng C H

Dr David Ng C H sharing his expertise on pigmentation removal treatments