How do you determine if your pigmentation treatments are effective for you?

How do you determine if your pigmentation treatments are effective for you?

Is it really time to treat your facial pigmentations with the “latest laser technology”, which can cost as much as $4000-$5000?

I was called up to consult a lady patient in her 40’s, suffering badly from severe facial pigmentations. After reading my educational articles on pigmentation treatments, this patient came to see me specifically at One Face® Clinic for a 2nd opinion. She was originally recommended elsewhere to do the “latest laser technology” to remove her pigmentations. This would certainly cost a bomb to her.

After assessing her pigmentations, I decided that she can benefit with just topical creams. Using One Face® Clinic’s Depigmentation treatments systemically, this patient recovered almost completely with just topical creams and sun protection measures. She managed to save a lot of money by skipping the so-called “latest laser technology”.

Pigmentations are actually skin diseases that should be addressed by medical doctors, as non-medical treatments (eg over-the-counter skincare products or beauty salons) may not work just as well.

In Singapore, the most common types of facial pigmentations of cosmetic concerns that we see a lot at One Face® Clinic include melasma, freckles, solar lentigos, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentations(PIH), Hori’s naevus and age spots.

Please don’t get me wrong, lasers are recognized medical treatments for pigmentations, and I personally use them frequently. That said, some pigmentations can still respond satisfactorily to just topical medical creams and sun protection measures.

A clinic with doctors backed by many years of clinical experience should be able to confidently advise you if there are alternative treatments options other than lasers (e.g. topical creams or chemical peels), as not all pigmentations would require lasers as a first-line treatment.

Some examples of my patients who have responded well without the need for laser treatment.

(Before/After photos online display is prohibited by the Ministry of Health. If you are interested, we have an album of before/after-photos available in-house at One Face® Clinic.)

If you are ever being recommended to do a particular laser for your pigmentations, just because it is the “latest technology”, be it the latest nanosecond, picosecond laser, or whichever.

Try asking for:

  • alternative non-laser treatments (eg.topical creams or chemical peels)

Just don’t pay blindly for no reason.

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