Squeezing your acne or pimples can cause permanent damage to your skin – don’t do it by yourself!

Squeezing your acne or pimples can cause permanent damage to your skin – don’t do it by yourself!


Every lady desires a blemish-free and radiant face – filling us up with confidence and setting us up positively to tackle the daily challenges of life with a cheerful smile. However, this dream of flawless skin often proves to be a fleeting one. Once acne rears its ugly head, hope can quickly turn into despair for many.


Acne prone skin


Best not to try this by yourself!

As such, acne is more than often viewed as a common and formidable enemy to many ladies. To some however, acne may be thought as just merely a minor hindrance.

It’s just a little pimple! Can’t I just squeeze it out? It’s simply so satisfying!

No, you can’t!

Squeezing acne or pimples might bring us temporary relief, but it could very well cause deep, permanent harm to your skin!

Do not casually squeeze your pimples! – beyond it simply being a painful experience, squeezing your pimples blindly may cause severe damage to the different layers of your skin. If the damage does not heal properly, this could result in obvious acne marks or even deep pitted scars that are going to be much more difficult to treat later on.

Pitted acne scarring, a complication developed
from severe inflamed acne

In going about our daily activities, bacteria naturally accumulates on the surface of our hands and fingertips. If we squeeze our acne without proper knowledge and techniques, it is easy to further aggravate the inflammation and worsen the acne condition. Moreover, it is difficult to accurately control the pressure and strength used to squeeze. If done incorrectly, this might cause further damage to the delicate skin structures.

Reddish-brown acne marks

Living in the era of COVID-19 pandemic where masks are mandatory and “maskne” (ie facial acne aggravated by prolonged mask wearing) is a real issue, acne has become more and more prevalent, amongst both adults and youth alike. So, what should we do?


Not to worry! At One Face Clinic, we have a huge bag of tricks to tackle these frustrating acne related issues.

Dr David Ng C. H., the founding doctor of One Face Skin & Aesthetics Clinic, is professionally accredited by the Singapore Medical Council to perform a variety of skin aesthetics procedures. Furthermore, he has obtained the postgraduate medical diploma in Practical Dermatology from distinguished Cardiff University in UK. He has more than 15 years of rich medical experience and has performed more than 30,000 medical laser treatments for a variety of skin and aesthetics issues (e.g acne and pigmentation).

At One Face Clinic, Dr David will personally diagnose your acne and skin issues and recommend a tailored treatment plan for your unique skin condition.

Dr David Ng C. H. of One Face Skin & Aesthetics Clinic

For regular cases of acne, Dr David will first evaluate the patient’s severity at the initial consultation to uncover the root causes. Everyone's skin condition is different, and the right treatment plans can then be prescribed only after he has understood these causes and your personal lifestyle circumstances.

Broadly speaking, these are the few treatment options for acne available:


#1 - Topical creams and oral medications

After a detailed assessment of the patient's unique acne condition, the doctor may prescribe a regime of topical skincare products or oral medications (e.g. antibiotics, isotretinoin, etc) to the patient. Detailed instructions about how to adjust your lifestyle to improve your acne condition may also be provided by the doctor.

The friendly staff at One Face Clinic will also handhold the patients throughout their treatment journey, such as guiding them on how to apply the topical creams as well as following up on the patient’s progress. Patients are also free to contact the staff if they have any burning questions regarding their treatments.

Topicals and oral medications for acne


#2: Professional clogged pores removal

As we know, clogged pores (blackheads and whiteheads) can lead to inflamed acne or pimples. So how is this professional removal different from me squeezing the clogged pores by myself at home?

There is a huge difference obviously!

The aestheticians here are personally trained by Dr David Ng, so their knowledge and practical skills go far beyond the average ones. The dedicated aestheticians will also work closely hand-in-hand with the doctor throughout the clogged pores removal process to help customers achieve the best treatment results.

Furthermore, the removal tools used by the aestheticians here are thoroughly sterilized and free of bacteria through the use of a medical grade autoclave machine. In addition, with proper techniques, this can greatly reduce pain and skin damage during the clogged pores removal process. This will also provide a deep cleansing to the pores, and prevent undesired occurrence of acne scarring.

Professional clogged pores removal


#3. What other treatment methods are there?

For more serious acne cases where there is severe inflammation, One Face Clinic can also provide further treatment modalities e.g. acne pus drainage, direct pimple steroidal injections, etc. The equipment used at the clinic are high-quality medical grade devices approved by the Health and Sciences Agency of Singapore (HSA).

Also, our treatment plans not only consider the ability to help our patients eliminate acne, but also the comfort level, so as to strive to keep the entire treatment experience comfortable, smooth and stress-free.


Keep your youth, banish the acne!

With the knowledge in this article, we hope to share with you why you should NOT squeeze the acne or pimples by yourself blindly whilst just looking in the mirror.

Acne may seem like a small cosmetic issue to some, but the associated complications and problems (e.g. painful inflammation, unsightly acne marks and pitted scarring, reduced self- confidence, etc) it could possibly develop into, can have a devastating effect on others.

If you are troubled by acne, please don't hesitate to come to One Face Clinic. Our experienced medical team equipped with sheer dedication are here to help you overcome your acne issues and to avoid any further disappointment!


If you have any questions or need advice on acne or pimple treatments, please feel free to contact me over WhatsApp @ +65 9822 2989, or call in @ +65 6222 2262, as I enjoy sharing my knowledge on skincare and medical aesthetics in general.

You can also email me at: askdrdavid@onefaceclinic.com



Dr. David Ng C H