“I’ve been troubled by melasma..”

Melasma Treatment Singapore – Dr. David Ng C. H. shares how he tackled 3 tough cases
Jun 8, 2023

I’ve devoted over a decade of my medical career towards treating melasma. Many patients approach this particular skin pigmentation completely wrong. I know how this skin condition, while seemingly superficial or “not a big deal”, can take a huge toll on the...

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Laser for Pigmentation Singapore – Why isn’t there any improvement?
Apr 12, 2023

“Doctor, how come my skin didn’t improve after doing lasers for pigmentation in Singapore? Does laser pigmentation removal really work?” In my years of skin and aesthetics practice, I’ve met lots of patients who asked me this question. The answer is simple...

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Why is my melasma not improving in Singapore?
Mar 22, 2023

Introduction  "Doctor, I have not seen much improvement from my past melasma treatments in Singapore, what should I do?" This is a common question posed to me during many first consultations with different patients, over the past 10 years of my medical career treating melasma. In that time, I have also seen my fair share […]

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Don’t be tricked by these 8 common myths on pigmentation treatments
Mar 7, 2023

Over the course of so many years treating pigmentations, I’m surprised to find that common myths and misconceptions are STILL circulating around even till today. Many patients frequently come to me with these questions: “Doc, I have tried all sorts of...

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Melasma Cream– Do Lasers really cure all melasma issues?
Jan 17, 2023

As a doctor, I get concerned with requests from patients to do laser treatments for their pigmentation problems. Many asked for laser treatments on their FIRST consultation. Why? Patients generally believed that laser treatments cure pigmentations like magic. However, that is untrue.

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Meluruskan Mitos – Laser mengatasi semua pigmentasi
Feb 17, 2020

Sebagai dokter, saya merasa khawatir atas permintaan pasien untuk melakukan perawatan laser untuk mengatasi masalah pigmentasi. Banyak yang meminta perawatan laser pada konsultasi mereka yang PERTAMA. Mengapa? Pada umumnya pasien yakin bahwa perawatan laser dapat mengatasi pigmentasi dalam sekejap. Akan tetapi, tentu saja itu tidak benar. Laser TIDAK selalu menjadi pilihan terbaik Satu-satunya alasan mengapa […]

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Published Jun 8, 2023

Melasma Treatment Singapore – Dr. David Ng C. H. shares how he tackled 3 tough cases

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