Facial Aging

Troubled by Signs of Ageing on Your Face?

Why do we want to treat facial ageing issues?

No one can reverse the clock of ageing, but with an appropriate medical skincare regimen and aesthetics procedures, one can slow down the clock to maintain a youthful and rejuvenated look.

At which stage in life do facial ageing issues appear?

As we age with time (above 35 years old), our face will start to show signs of ageing eg lax & saggy cheeks/jowls, and wrinkles (crowfeet, forehead & frown lines) from loss of collagen and elasticity in our skin. Volume loss (fat, muscle and bone mass) from our facial structures can result in loss of youthful contours on the face and appearance of sunken areas eg deepening of laugh lines, marionette lines, tear trough, and hollowing of the temples and foreheads.

An analogy will be that the youthful face is akin to an inflated balloon, while the aged face is akin to a deflated balloon. Slowing of skin cells’ metabolism can also results in dull, uneven dry skin. All the above ageing signs are much more apparent and accelerated especially for the below.

  • Ladies after menopause in their 50’s, due to reduced female hormones level in the body, the skin tends to be drier with more wrinkles and feels less supple.
  • Chronic and excessive sun exposure causes photodamages to the skin
  • Smoking

How One Face Clinic can help you

Botulinum neurotoxin injection

This procedure’s main purpose is to reduce the appearance of ageing facial wrinkles (eg crowfeet, frown lines and forehead lines) or jawline slimming, by temporarily relaxing the associated facial muscles. The number of injections needed will depend on factors including the extent of the muscle areas involved, etc.

Results will show up in about 1-2 weeks after procedure, and last for about 4 months on the average. A highly skilled and properly certified Doctor can help customise the most appropriate treatment for you.

Fillers (dermal) injection

With aging, our facial structures including skin thickness, the underlying fat, muscle and bone will start to lose their volume and mass, causing loss of youthful contours of the face, thus forming various sunken areas at the temples, tear troughs, cheek bones, hollow cheeks, and appearance of nasolabial folds, marionette lines and shrivelled lips. An analogy will be that the youthful face is akin to an inflated balloon, while the aged face is akin to a deflated balloon.

Dermal fillers are bio-compatible gel-like injectable products that when indicated, serve to fill up sunken or volume-loss areas on the face as mentioned above. The filler is biodegraded and metabolised by body through natural process over a year typically.

The key compound used in dermal fillers is commonly hyaluronic acid (HA) which is a naturally occurring substance found in our skin layer as well. HA also plays a major role in keeping the skin dewy and hydrated.


High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is a non-invasive face lifting and tightening treatment. It delivers focused ultrasound energy to target deep layers of the skin to stimulate the production of collagen, resulting in a firmer and uplifted face that looks natural, lasting for a year.

Another key advantage of this procedure is that there is virtually no downtime after the procedure, so patients can go back to work or social life right after without the need to rest at home.

We believe in delivering Results to you. Do you know?

One Face Clinic has many patients with satisfactory results after our treatments. However, due to local authority regulation, we are unable to illustrate the before and after photos on our website.

You may inquire on these photos when you visit us at One Face Clinic.